Revolutionary Features Enable You To:

Set & Achieve Goals

PeakSoft gives you clear targets to work towards.

  • Set goals for every life category
  • Achieve work / life balance
  • Comprehensive 12 step process
  • Bird’s eye view of critical information
  • View goals by time period or status
  • Powerful goal management system

Build Action Plans

PeakSoft identifies the steps required to achieve each goal.

  • Pinpoint tasks for goal attainment
  • Prioritize tasks for greater output
  • Sequence tasks for rapid completion
  • Powerful task management system

Manage Your Time

PeakSoft boosts productivity by focusing your time on the things that matter most.

  • Build smart to-do list
  • Time zones ensure laser like focus
  • One click task insertion
  • One click motivational bumps
  • Prioritized work flow
  • Gamified task completion
  • Create empowering habits

Conquer Procrastination

PeakSoft eliminates procrastination with behavior modification.

  • Visible rewards boost productivity
  • Visible penalties decrease procrastination
  • Accountability purges laziness
  • Commitment contracts enforce action

Leverage Visualization

PeakSoft helps you to visualize goal attainment with vision boards.

  • Drag ‘n’ drop vision board creation
  • Select / upload music tracks
  • Set preferred transitions and speed.
  • Mind saturation technology

Record Your Ideas

PeakSoft records your moments of inspiration with digital journaling.

  • One click journaling
  • View entries by goal or category
  • Time and date stamped
  • Never forget a breakthrough idea
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Cindy Donovan, Australia

“PeakSoft is my favorite time management system period. It’s fun, it’s powerful and it’s extremely effective. You will achieve goals faster because you’ll manage your time and yourself much more effectively."

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